7 Ways to Accelerate Your Work-From-Home Career

Working from home does not equate to staying in the same position forever and living a laid-back lifestyle for the rest of your life. In the modern workplace, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 

DARE TO DREAM! Be the millennial that proves to the rest that age isn’t a drawback and a work-life balance is possible. Be the employee who climbs the corporate ladder while working from home. Be the entrepreneur who unearths the next unicorn. And be the boss who develops employees to become even better.

Post Your Schedule on the Wall

Nothing motivates you to take action more than having a clear idea of what you’re supposed to do next. 

Write down your tasks for the week. Plan which tasks you need to accomplish each day. Stick to your schedule and reward yourself with a Netflix episode at the end of the day.

Have a Dedicated Workplace

Creating space for each endeavor directs your focus.

A perfect bedroom is free of clothes, noise, clutter, and gadgets — and has the most comfortable bed, dark curtains, and temperature. 

Similarly, an inspiring work desk has pens, notepads, work comforts, and enough space for you to be on your laptop, take video calls, and write down notes.

Dress For Work

Invite inspiration by preparing yourself for work. Take a bath, wear decent clothes, and be at your 100 percent.

Don’t Overeat

Being at your best make you feel at ease when talking to people. Always be ready to meet clients and colleagues. 

Look forward to healthy and delightful meals during breaks. But resist the temptation to eat while working.

Take Meaningful Breaks

A well-lived life gives you more stories to share. Engage in a hobby with family. Spend quality time after work. Avoid binge-watching a single series. Instead, curate a collection of series and movies from different genres that can widen your perspective. Seek learning even as you entertain yourself. Travel. Be a lifelong learner.

Keep Learning

The world unfolds as you read this article. Blockchain is silently revolutionizing the finance and health industry. Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we do things. Data Science jobs are becoming more and more available and high paying. Opportunities are being created and those who find themselves ready to embrace them as well-placed for growth.

Invest the time you saved from no longer traveling for work into learning. 

Eat that Frog

One of the challenges of working from home is being unable to fully collaborate with skilled teammates and ask your boss for guidance as much as you would have liked. So, you may get stuck when a difficult task comes in.

According to Brian Tracy, the key to facing challenging tasks is to break them into smaller pieces. So, when you begin your day in the morning. Start with the most important, most difficult task. Break it into pieces, and Eat That Frog.