Do you offer a replacement guarantee

Our staffing services comes with a 60-day replacement guarantee. In case your new hire quits within that guarantee period, 01 Staffing will work on finding a new candidate as a replacement in priority.

How long does it take to fill an open position?

Our recruitment consultants work diligently to fill open positions as quickly and efficiently as possible. The time to fill a position, from initial contact with our agency to the first day of work of the new staff, will depend of the type of position, the seniority, and the specific requirements of your company. As an exemple, temporary assignements for entry level positions can be completed within 10 days. Senior IT management jobs however may take a month or more.

Do you provide services for industries other than IT?

We specialize in helping employers find employees in IT, cloud, cyber security and related fields. If you are looking to hire in a different industry, you are still welcome to reach out to us for assistance. If we cannot find a candidate in a suitable time, we will redirect you to a partner who will be able to assist you.

Do you handle the payroll for the employees you provide?

Temp staff generally remain on 01 Staffing payroll. We handle all matters related to compliance, statutory deductions, insurance etc.

For permanent positions (direct hires), the work contract is signed by the hiring company directly and therefore such employees are not on our payroll.

For contract staffing, both options are available for payroll: they can remain on 01 Staffing payroll or directly sign a work contract with the hiring company.

For permanent placements, when is the payment due?

Our service fees are due within 10 days of the start date of the hired candidate.

Do you provide both temporary and permanent placements?

Yes, 01 Staffing provides both temporary and permanent placements.


As a candidate, do I pay to register with 01 Staffing?

Registration with 01 Staffing is 100% free.

Do you offer remote jobs?

We have employers who are looking to hire for remote only positions. If you are looking for a remote job, please submit your resume to us.

As a temp employee, how often do I get paid?

01 Staffing pays its employee every two weeks, on Friday. All wages are paid through direct deposit or cheque.