How Universities Can Prepare the Tech Workforce for the Future

The future of the world relies on the IT Industry. As all businesses adopt automation, the demand for IT professionals continues on the upward trend, especially in Automation, Data Science, Blockchain, Software Programming, and Web Development. Companies are keen to snatch graduates from their universities, which play a vital role in shaping the industry by developing the tech workforce to fit opportunities.

Much is already underway. Post-secondary institutions are working to shift their educational offerings to meet real-world challenges.

Preparing the Tech Workforce

Develop the Technical skills

Transformational frontier technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence are in high demand. 

Companies are leaning on universities to introduce the latest technology platforms such as Hubspot and Tableau in the classroom to give fresh graduates a competitive advantage.

Foster the Soft Skills

Companies desire employees with problem-solving mindsets and entrepreneurial attitudes. Talents who are creative and comfortable with uncertainty will thrive in the fast-changing tech environment. Relationship builders who can collaborate across specializations can become valuable team members in huge-scale projects.

Not at the Expense of Social Science

Meanwhile, universities must continue to nurture researchers and scholars.

Invite Tech leaders Into the Classroom

Students will see the bigger picture if they regularly meet real-world experts, working professionals active in their fields of study. 

Create Talent and Tech Pathways from the Outset

There are many specializations within the Tech Industry, and some pathways are in high demand. Specializations in Data Engineering, Data Science, and Data Architecture will prepare students for high-value tasks. Activities like work-integrated learning, mentorships, and case competition give students exposure. 

Solve the Student Placement Challenge

Internships immerse students in the corporate environment. The experience can be enhance through an open discussion between companies and the academe on what skills to develop for students to be productive interns.

Explore a Curriculum Focus on Scale-ups

Start-ups and scale-ups require multiple skills and high levels of flexibility. In areas like British Columbia, where most companies are start-ups and scale-ups, students must be honed to handle challenges in these environments.

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